Teslin Substrate the Proven and Unrivalled Efficient Artificial Paper Material

Teslin is the holy grail of printable synthetic material. It is a one-layered material that contains polyolefin created with a super fine porous pattern. This pattern enables it to take in and form strong interconnected links with printer inks, coatings, adhesives, and the overlay of lamination. The microporous nature of Teslin substrate makes it possible for its isolation and cocooning qualities to merge with other equally impressive merits in such a way that no natural base does – and this is despite making it breathable and lightweight. 

 With Teslin, you can rest assured of a tough, safe, and highly printable synthetic paper that performs splendidly for laminated projects and other applications which require a strong, high-performance material.

To prove that Teslin substrate is not just an empty brag, we will highlight some of its exceptional features.

Its formidable durability

No matter how harsh the environment or punishing the application, Teslin is more than capable. It can also maintain quality performance. Unlike other printable plastics and synthetic papers that would need a veneer or further processing, Teslin substrate can withstand abrasion and protect all graphic and texted prints, filmy layers, or protective veneers. It is also able to weather out water and chemical exposure, no matter how intense.

It is amazingly printable

Teslin substrate is the perfect material for applications that require an enhanced rate of operational dynamism. It agrees with a large variety of print mechanics and can recreate bold and lively colors. 

It prints like your regular pulp paper, except that there is no need for any corroding inks and procedures or materials for drying. This difference improves productivity and decreases expenses.

It makes processing faster and increases print productivity. It soaks up pigments and colors and almost immediately binds them to its face leading to rapid dehydration and almost invincible graphical and text print.

It decreases the amount of capital invested in unused inventory and the number of SKUs because its performance is spectacular across a wide variety of print methods. 

Teslin substrate harmonizes an assortment of conversion techniques and completion processes, which enhance the alterability and innovation of designs.

It is extremely binding

Teslin membrane forms adhesive bonds that are up to 10 times tougher than other synthetic substrates. This nature enables it to bond with sheets of lamination and bonding materials giving multi-faceted tenacity. It also brings about a prolonged life span to printed materials with lamination. 

It can be divided into any shape and fuses with a lamination sheet so firmly that there is no need to seal the edges. It is the best option for printers and end-users to invest in because it offers unrivaled durability, lifespan, and manufacturing flexibility.

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